CanHaem welcomes approval of Deferiprone by Health Canada

The Canadian Hemoglobinopathy Association (CanHaem) welcomes the decision this week by Health Canada to approve the drug Deferiprone (Ferriprox) in Canada. This permits additional iron chelation options for patients and healthcare providers treating Thalassemia and other transfusion dependent anemias. It also aligns therapeutic options available in Canada with those preexisting in other jurisdictions Worldwide. CanHaem believes the increased choice and flexibility of three iron chelation drugs (Deferoxamine/Desferal; Deferasirox/Exjade; Deferiprone/Ferriprox) will improve patient outcomes and we encourage further iron chelation research and development in the future.
Information and details of provincial reimbursement criteria for Deferiprone are yet to be determined.